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Gas mining
Fracking: the cover-ups continue PDF Print E-mail

 August 11, 2011

Federal Fracking Panel Responds to Growing Backlash Against Polluting, Destructive Practice

Washington, D.C.—“Today, the Shale Gas Subcommittee of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board released its recommendations regarding the regulation of U.S. shale gas production. With six out of seven of the subcommittee’s members having direct financial ties to the natural gas industry, their recommendations will not go nearly far enough in protecting consumers and the environment from the risks associated with shale gas obtained through the process of hydraulic fracturing. The report does outline the major environmental and public health issues associated with shale gas drilling.

“While the natural gas industry has advocated for, and has been granted exemptions from key environmental regulations, it has racked up countless violations of the rules that do apply to them, and has been questioned about the validity of their gas production forecasts. Yet the subcommittee nonetheless suggests that natural gas producers should play a large role in ensuring that hydraulic fracturing operations do not endanger consumers or natural resources by providing the public information about shale gas production and adopting industry-wide ‘best practices.’

When tap water catches fire . . . PDF Print E-mail

A  documentary from the USA exposes a systemic corporate cover-up surrounding the wide-scale contamination of public water supplies as a result of coal-seam gas mining. Australians risk a similar outcome as the Murray-Darling Basin is currently being mined using the same techniques. Read article and view trailer HERE.

Caroona Coal Action Group PDF Print E-mail


The pitifully regulated activities of gas-mining companies, including SANTOS, are threatening to devastate groundwater reserves in the headwaters of the  Murray-Darling river system. 

Thankfully, as a result of the Caroona Coal Action Group, out of sight is no longer out of mind. The group has made a submission to the federal inquiry into the impacts of mining and coal seam methane extraction in the Murray-Darling.

The document makes alarming reading and supporters are encouraged to circulate it widely and support demands that the energy industry is made to cease this environmental and social vandalism.The submission can be viewed HERE .

The CCAG's website can be accessed HERE.


Advocating environmentally responsible use of Australia's water

Fair Water Use is an independent and politically non-aligned lobby group,

organised and supported by ordinary Australians who share concerns about Australia's water future

- especially that of the Murray-Darling Basin