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Fair Water Use (Australia) was formed in early 2008 by Australians who share concerns about Australia's water future and have a vision of a revived Murray-Darling Basin and the sustainable environmental, community and economic benefits that would flow from its recovery. 

Our support base is representative of a broad spread of the Australian population with members having backgrounds in most trades and professions, including farmers (dry-land and irrigating) and water experts working in both the public and private sector. The organisation has no political affiliations.

We provide access to regularly updated information on the current water crisis.

Please take a moment to register your support: as we continue to grow, so does the impact of our campaign. There is no membership fee.

However any donation, no matter how small, helps Fair Water Use continue and increase its efforts to promote careful management of Australia's water resources, now - and for generations to come. As all members of the Fair Water Use team work as volunteers, 100% of donations are  used to this end. 

AGENDA: February 2011 

  • Establishment of a National Public Commission of Inquiry into the management and governance of the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Holding of state by state plebiscites proposing that the Australian Constitution is amended to define water as a public good

  • Legislated protection of water as a public good

Related issues:

  • Instigation of commercial tendering process with the following precondition:

             Available commercial water allocation =

        Total flows minus Environmental flow requirements minus Public needs

  • Removal of all tax-breaks on agricultural Managed Investment Schemes for water-intensive activities

  • Moratorium on establishment of new irrigated agribusiness and forestry projects 

  • Promotion of low water-demand cropping

  • Proscription of cultivation of selected water-intensive crops


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Advocating environmentally responsible use of Australia's water

Fair Water Use is an independent and politically non-aligned lobby group,

organised and supported by ordinary Australians who share concerns about Australia's water future

- especially that of the Murray-Darling Basin